2021 marked a year different than any other we have ever experienced and as with any major change, the transition to online learning was a learning experience for all of us. Despite challenges and bumps in the road, we are excited for all of the growth and celebrations the school year brought.

In Durham Public Schools’ we saw an opportunity to share knowledge, empower and promote awareness through remote and concurrent learning district wide. During each month, there will be focus on a character trait as well as other designated celebrations that are in response to highlight the cultural variations of our DPS student population.

Whenever you post anything related to DPS Celebrations on social media, please use the hashtag #DPSCelebrates! so that we can celebrate together!

Character Trait of the Month

Monthly Celebrations




Cultural Celebrations to be Aware of



  • World Environment Day (5)

  • D-Day (6)

  • Flag Day (14)

  • Father’s Day (20)

  • World Refugee Day (20)

  • National Indigenous Peoples Day (21)

  • World Populations Day (11)

  • Nelson Mandela International Day (18)

  • Eid-al-Adha (19-20)

  • Disability Independence Day (26)

  • International Day of Friendship (30)